Lana’i – The Isle of Golden Pines

Aloha! Ho Ľokipa i ka malihini!

My name is Thomas Stuck, but you can call me Tom. I am a Local Real Estate Professional located on Lana’i City, HI who started in 2002. When I moved here in 1991 I was astounded by the comforting and relaxing aura of the island.

Every step you take on this island you begin to rewind to much simpler times. To the times where the noise of traffic didn’t rule the air. You rewind back to the times when people were friendlier to strangers. You rewind to the time where you can see the beauty of nature just by walking outside your door. On Lana’i, you can escape the riff raff of the city and industry,

My business partner and I focus on selling high end luxury Hawai’i homes to those looking to gain the ultimate relaxation experience. When you buy a home from us you don’t just buy a house, you buy a slice of paradise.

On this site you will find properties that offer the most breathtaking views and relaxing visions of peace. So, feel free to browse a house you might like. See something you like? Feel free to go ahead and call me. My contact information will be found below. We will come into contact with you as soon as possible. Be warned, however, buying a home here is not for everyone and we try to find those who really think they deserve the best of the best. ~Thomas G. Stuck

Lanai Properties